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My blacklist (just starting, I guess)

Strangely enough Wetherby (the closest town) counts a good few places to go out at night. We haven’t explored them all yet and I don’t think we will (some look a little bit dodgy). Last week we went to the other Indian. We wanted to venture to another one. Our usual one, Jaflong, provide excellent food, service and take away. We just wanted to see what was out there for a change. So we went to Spice4Uand were utterly disappointed. The service was very unfriendly and quite rude at some occasion. There were two waiters. The clumsy one and the one with the attitude. The clumsy one was okay, I guess. Well he wasn’t even able to dress the table properly. The other one was so rude and his ego was probably bigger than the restaurant itself. I think he should drop the attitude and concentrate on the service… Well why should I care, I won’t go back there again.

This is the second restaurant in the area where I know that I would never set a foot back in again. There is Spice4U and La Locanda. La Locanda is The Italian restaurant in the area. I’ve heard that even the Leeds football club come and dine there. Oh I’m so impressed! Anyway, we were kindly invited by a colleague of Nigel and his wife and daughter a few weeks ago. It was a very pleasant night, great chat… Typical Italian restaurant, food and sleazy waiters included. Everything was ok until the same night. It seems that I had some difficulties to digest some of the bloody food that I had eaten in that horrible place. It could either be the prawn linguini or the carpaccio (I think it was the carpaccio since I was the only one to have it and the only one sick like a dog!). I spent the night in the bathroom and I leave the rest to your imagination. We never said anything to Nigel’s colleague of course since we were kindly invited. Even during the dinner I noticed that the bread had some black spots like some kind of “moisissure” (I don’t know the word in English and my Robert & Collins is still clearing custom!!!). I didn’t want to appear rude or like a moaner so I didn’t say anything. I just made sure that Molly didn’t take any of it.
So voilà! I already have two restaurants on my black list! Spice4U (Wetherby) and La Locanda (Collingham).

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